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This must not be missed! If you have any interest in geology, minerals or fossils then whatever you do, don’t go past without a look in! You will find a fascinating exhibition of local geology and worldwide mineral specimens. There is also a shop specialising in stone goods.

Exhibition of minerals, fossils and North Highland rocks. The exhibition houses one of the largest private collections of examples of rocks from all over the world. Geological relief model, diorama and many large specimens. 100 species of mineral. Fossils of many life forms from stromatolites to mammoths. Shop specialising in minerals, giftware, jewellery, geological books & maps. Also stock a comprehensive range of imported stone spheres, eggs, obelisks, vases and bowls. Giftware in Highland stone includes clocks, lamps, vases, paperweights, thermometers, bookends etc. which are made locally by our associate company, “Sutherland Stonework”.

The mineral room contains fluorite and haematite from British mines, Norwegian eclogite, thulite, anatase, zircon and garnet. Some breath-taking geodes, quartz and agate from Brazil lie alongside unusual crystals of rose quartz, lazulite, tourmaline and pyrite. Specimens have been chosen for their beauty and scientific interest, rather than rarity. Many are large. A collection of semi-precious stone spheres (many polished on the premises) will interest the lapidary.

The fossil room exhibits local, British & world specimens from many stages of evolution. These include early stromatolites, trilobites, fish, ammonites, reptiles, mammals, plants and trees while a mile north is Dunrobin Castle with its beautiful gardens.

Samples for sale range from pennies to hundreds of pounds. It costs £1 to enter the exhibition.

minerals, fossils and North Highland rocks at Orcadian Stone shop, Golspie, Sutherland

Orcadian Stone Company Ltd
Tel/Fax: 01408 633483
E-mail: enqu…@orcadianstone.co.uk
Web Site: www.orcadianstone.co.uk


Orcadian Stone Company Ltd
Main Street Golspie
Sutherland KW10 6RH
Scotland, UK

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