Fishing in Sutherland

Sutherland is renowned for its excellent wild brown trout fishing and the hotel offers fishing and boats on Loch Shin, Loch Ghriama and Loch Merkland where a bountiful catch awaits all who try. Salmon fishing can also be arranged on local rivers.

A vast region of the North West Highlands has recently been designated a UNESCO GeoPark because of its unique geological significance. This 2000 square km area takes in some of the finest mountain and coastal landscapes in Britain and contains a wealth of classic geological locations. There are also a significant number of historical and archaeological sites, including scheduled monuments and listed buildings.

Fishing in Sutherland

The Kyle of Sutherland is a large tidal area extending some twenty five miles from the confluence of the rivers Oykel and Cassley eastwards to the Dornoch Firth. Both salmon and sea trout are caught, with the Kyle of Sutherland Angling Club taking in the region of 400 salmon and 200 sea trout per season.

The sea-coasts boast very high cliffs and deep ords in the east and north, ragged inlets on the west and sandy beaches in the north. As would be expected, much of the population is based in seaward towns, such as Helmsdale and Lochinver, which until very recently made much of their living from the rich fishing of the waters around the British Isles. The remote far north west point of the county, Cape Wrath is the most north westerly point in Scotland.

On the west coast you will find hundreds of small spate rivers, streams and lochs, while in the east you find the classic salmon rivers of the Tay, Tweed, Dee and Spey. Further north is Caithness and Sutherland which is a patchwork quilt of lochs streams and rivers. Even on the islands quite exceptional fishing can be found.

Fishing in Sutherland

Or if you are just looking for a lazy relaxing holiday…just enjoy the locality of Helmsdale, it’s vast wildlife, beautiful often sun drenched deserted golden beaches, castles, scenic walks along coastal paths, rivers and the local hills, fishing in the River Helmsdale and Brora (frequented by prince Charles) or even Gold Panning a popular attraction just a few minutes up the road in the awe inspiring Strath of Kildonan.

1, 3 and 6 day courses to learn the art of fly fishing. Fly fishing tuition from complete beginner to advanced levels. Even if you are new to fly fishing, we should have you casting proficiently within a couple of hours. Your fly fishing tuition will be tailored to meet your specific level of experience whether you are trying fly fishing for the very first time or just looking to brush up on your existing casting skills and watercraft.

There are miles of pristine white beached where Grey and Common Seals can be seen basking on the sand banks. Many species of bird and plant like inhabit the moors and shore. Salmon and sea trout fishing are available on the Kyle of Tongue, with brown trout fishing on the lochs.

Fishing in Sutherland

Sutherland is a county of contrasts – the north-west with its majestic mountains, jagged coastline and countless lochs and rivers; the north coast with its sandy beaches, sweeping crofting scenery, forestry and rivers; the east coast with its rolling hills, woodlands and neat villages; and central Sutherland with its moorland and wide open skies.

Sutherland’s lochs are equally diverse, ranging from high acidic tarns to vast lochs over a sandstone base. A number also have a hint of limestone present and most have a good head of trout ranging from 1/2lb to some exceptionally large trout with ferox characteristics. Fly fishing is the accepted method and natural feeding is of the stonefly, midge, stickleback, caddis and snail variety. There are also areas where mayfly, damsel fly and shrimp are common and trout here can grow large. Traditional patterns are normally required to tempt them. Boat or bank fly fishing with care – details with your permit.

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