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New name and home for Highland Insurance Firm with focus firmly on growth

A Highland family-owned insurance firm which has enjoyed steady growth to become a multi-million pound business is heading towards its 35th anniversary with a new name and a move to new and larger premises. This will help it fuel future growth by providing the strategic expertise which adds value to client businesses.

Ian MacDonald Insurance and Financial Services has rebranded as MacDonald Partnership and has moved from Church Street, Inverness, to splendid new premises at Corrie Lodge, on the city’s Millburn Road. This expansion and investment further underpins the company’s ability to align each client’s financial objectives with a comprehensive risk management and insurance strategy, devising new opportunities to help clients to achieve their corporate goals.

The MacDonald Partnership, which employs 21 people, has taken on two new staff as part of the expansion and further jobs may follow later in the year. It has almost 1500 business clients, ranging from very small businesses to companies with annual turnovers in excess of £50 million and stretching from the Northern Isles to all parts of the UK and its skills enable those clients to capitalise on business opportunities with confidence.

With offices in Shetland, Skye and Wick as well as Inverness, the MacDonald Partnership is ideally poised to service the Highlands and Islands and has skilfully planned the development of the business so as to be able to offer highly efficient and tailor made services and products to small and medium sized businesses.

The firm’s exceptional ability to offer appropriate products at competitive prices, backed by the expertise and insight available, has driven it’s fresh progress as it focuses on maximising it’s potential.

In recent months the firm has gone to considerable efforts to research and develop relationships with underwriters and product providers across all sectors of commerce and industry in order to further benefit its existing and new client base. This leaves the MacDonald Partnership with a new dynamism, significantly strengthened in resource and insight to be able to roll out specific initiatives designed to drive profitable growth for clients.

Ian MacDonald, son and namesake of the firm’s founder in 1978, has been 25 years with the business and is a Partner. The family connection is maintained with his brother Ross, an IFA, running the group’s financial services division and another brother, Ewan, also an active Partner. Ewan is three time Olympian representing GB in the Winter Olympics and internationally known curler.

“The scale of the business has grown immensely over the years, and we have acquired four companies in the process, so it is time to reflect the expansion in our brand name”, said Ian MacDonald. “The new branding emphasises the partnership approach we have pursued internally and externally and which has given us such a sound basis on which to build.

“At the same time, we have made a significant investment in moving to these much larger premises with its own parking for staff and clients, which we did not enjoy before and has boosted staff morale. It also gives us a new boardroom with enhanced facilities in which to hold discussions with clients and seminars on topical issues in comfortable surroundings and a relaxed atmosphere.

“It means we will celebrate our 35th anniversary next year, firmly settled in our new home and with the MacDonald Partnership brand firmly bedded in.

“We continue to handle high volumes of household and vehicle insurance, including vehicle fleets. But have seen major growth in our commercial and corporate sector and now have clients in a wide range of activities, including hotels, ferries, helicopters, surgeries, offices, engineering, construction, retail amongst other sectors.

“A significant new market we have entered is that of wind farms and have now agreed to partner Bruce Stevenson, a specialist broking firm in this sector. We have successfully become their representative for the Highlands and Islands helping us drive forward growth in the renewables.”

Ian MacDonald added: “We have also brought in the services of Highland Consultants Ltd to enable us to offer clients accountancy and payroll services. Laura France and her team occupy a couple of offices in our building and the intention is to develop the relationship between our firms.

“We have followed a policy of growth by acquisition and over the years have acquired the businesses of Alan Ferrier in Wick, Independent Money in Shetland, and Nairn MacEwan and Frame Kennedy’s General Insurance Division, both in Inverness. We remain in the market for further acquisition in the Highlands and Islands.

“My dad, now retired, started the business virtually as a one man band and his reputation for integrity helped to lay down firm foundations. I think the continuity of the family aspect has benefited the business significantly as far as the Highland market is concerned.

“The ultimate test is client service”, said Ewan who works alongside Ian in developing their corporate clients. “We’re passionate about putting our clients first. Our approach is to partner with clients to advance their performance – and our expansion. New associations and strategies have given us a major new launchpad from which to do that.

“When people buy insurance cover, they are buying peace of mind. We help them in a friendly and professional way.

The firm accepted an invitation to become members of the Willis Commercial Network seven years ago and remains one of a small group of Scottish brokers selected to join the elite network which enables us to provide clients with significant benefit and creative solutions. MacDonald Partnership thereby gains access to international specialists offering business planning, market research and technical training. It also facilitates the placement of unusual or large risks. The capability of Willis in industry, strategic and risk management expertise and innovative product solutions makes it a major asset for its members. Willis’s strong market relations and comprehensive service have already added value to the MacDonald Partnership approach.

Ian MacDonald said: “The access to Willis’s global wealth of information is invaluable and allows us to advise our clients with great authority. For instance, when we seek the latest solutions for our aircraft and helicopter clients, we’re able to tap into the Willis knowledge base as their client list includes over 300 airlines, 200 airports, 150 aerospace manufacturers and 40 space organisations. It’s the same right across all sectors of industry, they have such vast experience. They also bring added leverage with the market, ensuring that our firm gains a business edge which we can pass on to our clients. It all adds up to the MacDonald Partnership being immensely strengthened by their global input, while remaining proudly Highland owned. That’s an ideal situation for us and our clients.”

Across its business spectrum, the MacDonald Partnership is fully committed to a distinctive experience for customers because it recognises customers as individuals.

The Partnership’s financial services division ensures that each individual invests in accordance with their attitude to risk, in the best possible funds based on the strict investment criteria of Ross MacDonald’s high calibre team. Whatever a person’s financial planning needs, the Partnership can help them find the most suitable solution. Its investment services span both lump sum commitments or regular savings and includes expert advice on ISAs, unit trusts, investment bonds and investment trusts. Though investment is its prime role, Ross and his team undertake a great deal of pension and protection business, offering retirement and protection planning advice to both individual and corporate clients. Pensions legislation is changing significantly”, Ross explains, “and it is becoming compulsory for all employers to offer a pension contribution to staff.

Our expertise can be valuable to businesses with existing schemes in place, or going down that route for the first time. Our financial planning approach is that by acting responsibly for the long term, we can provide prosperity and peace of mind to our customers.” The Partnership has taken on two former employees of the National Farmers Union, Neil MacLean in Skye and Ann Murphy in Inverness, whose expertise is invaluable to rural or agriculture-based clients.

“It’s a very exciting time for us. Our vision is to be the best we can be, outperforming our peers in creating new and better ways to serve our clients’ best interests.”

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