Services In Drumnadrochit Area

Drumnadrochit Area Services – Telephone Code for this area is 01456

Bed and Breakfast

Greenlea B&B, The Village Green, Drumnadrochit Tel: 450546
Ferness Cottage B&B, Lewiston, Drumnadrochit – Email: i… Tel: 450564
Castleview, Urquhart Castle, Drumnadrochit – Email: valr… Tel: 450460
Aylsham B&B, Lewiston, Drumnadrochit – Email: geor… Tel: 450550
Craigmonie Cottage, Borlum Bridge, Drumnadrochit Tel: 450456
Knowle B & B, 136 Balmacaan Road, Drumnadrochit – Email: Tel: 450646
Linne Dhuinn, Lewiston, Drumnadrochit Tel: 450244
Quiraing B & B, Milton, Drumnadrochit Tel: 450064
Urquhart Villa, Glen Urquhart Rd., Drumnadrochit – Email: mora… Tel: 450400
Morlea B & B, The Green, Drumnadrochit Tel: 450410
Glenkirk B & B, Drumnadrochit – Email: glen… Tel: 450802
Tramps, Balmacaan Rd. Drumnadrochit – Email: beed… Tel: 450499
The Glen B & B, Drumnadrochit – Email: bwy… Tel: 450279
Kilmore Farmhouse, Drumnadrochit – Email: kilm… Tel: 450524
Bridgend House, The Green, Drumnadrochit Tel: 450865
Westwood B & B, Lower Balmacaan, Drumnadrochit – Email: san… Tel: 450826
Woodlands, East Lewiston, Drumnadrochit – Email: wood… Tel: 450356
Pembroke B & B, Main St., Drumnadrochit Tel: 450664
Fiddlers, The Village Green, Drumnadrochit – Email: fidd… Tel: 450678
Enrick Cottage, Drumnadrochit – Email: avis… Tel: 450423
Beechwood, Balnain, Drumnadrochit – Email: cdou… Tel: 476 377
Haycroft, West Lewiston, Drumnadrochit – Email: phil… Tel: 450375

Backpackers Lodge

Loch Ness Backpackers Lodge, Coiltie Farm House, Drumnadrochit – Email: hos… Tel: 450807

Bike Hire

Fiddlers, The Village Green, Drumnadrochit – Email: fidd… Tel: 450678

Boarding Kennels

Tor-Nam-Breac, Bunloit Hill, Drumnadrochit Email: drum… Tel: 450250

Caravan and Camping Park

Borlum Farm, Drumnadrochit Tel: 450220

Craft Shops

Bits and Pieces, Main Street, Drumnadrochit Tel: 450838
Loch Ness Clay Works, Goshem Studio, Bunloit, Drumnadrochit
Iceberg Glassblowing Studio, Drumnadrochit

Cruises on Loch Ness


Loch Ness Fishing, The Glen B&B, Drumnadrochit – Email: bwy… Tel: 450279
Borlum Farm, Drumnadrochit Tel: 450279

Holiday Accommodation

Loch Ness Accommodation, Lewiston, Drumnadrochit Tel: 450564

Hotels, Bars, Cafe/Bars, Restaurants

Loch Ness Clansman Hotel, Loch Ness Side, Loch Ness Tel: 450326
Benleva Hotel, Drumnadrochit – Email: ste… Tel: 450080
Blarmor Bar, Blairbeg, Drumnadrochit – Email: mhai… tel: 450100
Fiddlers Restaurant, The Village Green, Drumnadrochit – Email: fidd… Tel: 450678
The Glen Cafe/Restaurant, Drumnadrochit Tel: 450282
Smiddy’s Cafe Bar, Loch Ness Side, Drumnadrochit
Polmaily House Hotel, Drumnadrochit – Email: polm… Tel: 450343

Riding Stables

Borlum Farm, Drumnadrochit

Self Catering and Riding for the Disabled

Borlum Farm, Drumnadrochit


Loch Ness Travel Co., West Lewiston, Drumnadrochit Tel: 450550 or Mobile: 07711 429616.

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